Common Hospital Drain Problems
Monday, February 24, 2020

Common Hospital Drain Problems

Hospitals are complex businesses with a lot of moving parts. While tending to patients is the core of a hospital business, hospital administrators, especially environmental service managers, do not have time for pesky drain backups. When the hospital’s drain system is running efficiently, everyone’s job gets easier.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a buildup of microorganisms that stick to each other and often adhere to the surface and walls of drains. In turn, this causes blockages, backups, odors and the ideal breeding ground for drain flies.

Where is it found?

In hospitals, biofilm is most commonly found in drain lines where bodily fluids are emptied. This includes but is not limited, to surgical and operating centers, casting room plaster traps and embalming rooms.  



 Why is it a nuisance?

If not removed, biofilm can cause a multitude of issues including:

  • Harboring germs and bacteria in drain lines
  • Slow-running drains and blockages
  • Malodors
  • Damages causing costly repairs
  • General operating inconveniences

How can you get rid of Biofilm?

The best way to combat biofilm buildups is with a bacteria-based drain treatment. Certain bacteria breakdown organic matter, like biofilm, quickly. A bacterial drain treatment will help emulsify existing biofilm and prevent future problems.

How can State help?

If you have a biofilm backup that requires immediate removal, Grease-B-Gone®, Foaming Devour, D-Stroy® and PrimeZyme are all excellent options. They are bacterial- and enzyme-based drain solutions designed to breakdown organic material. Grease-B-Gone will have the most immediate impact, as it quickly emulsifies most organics.

The best way to combat biofilm is to prevent it from the start. BD-150X is a powerful bacterial drain maintainer that will eliminate biofilm in drain lines by digesting it over time. The BioDose Pump is specifically designed to dispense BD-150X, which offers you a compact solution in your crowded drain areas. It’s virtually silent operation doses the correct amount of product every 15 minutes, and with monthly maintenance included, this is truly an ideal solution for your facility.