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State's hand care product line prevents disease, ensures cleanliness, and suits various settings

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Essential Hand Care:
Ensuring Cleanliness and Health in Any Environment

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The Importance of Hand Care

Direct physical contact is a common way for the transmission of infectious diseases. State's unique range of hand care solutions is meticulously crafted to curb the proliferation of illnesses, all the while preserving a sensation of cleanliness and softness in your hands.

Our repertoire encompasses a spectrum of hand care offerings, catering to both institutional and industrial requirements. From efficacious hand wipes to lathering foaming hand cleansers, complemented by a sturdy and user-friendly dispenser that seamlessly attaches to a variety of surfaces.

For Your Information

  • Elevate Your Hygiene

    Upgrade your hygienic experience with our Soap Factory Pro and Soap Factory Sr. dispensers. The Soap Factory Pro dispenser blends sleek design with versatility, accommodating both foam and liquid formulas. Its leak-proof design ensures mess-free usage. Meanwhile, the Soap Factory Sr. dispenser offers durability with its ABS plastic construction and stainless steel pump built to withstand heavy use. Enjoy customization options to adjust soap dispensing. Elevate cleanliness and efficiency with these cutting-edge dispensers.

  • Hand washing and Sanitization

    Daily interactions with surfaces like door handles, elevators buttons and railings facilitate rapid germ spread. Establishing effective hand hygiene is vital for safety.

    State's hand soaps minimize germs and leave skin soft, available in various scents. Our sanitizers, alcohol-based or alcohol-free, enhance workplace hygiene, compatible with our Soap Factory® Pro dispenser.

  • Maintenance Shop Hand Care

    Maintenance and engineering teams work relentlessly to upkeep facilities, and our industrial hand soaps offer effective cleaning with skin protection. State's diverse options include pumice-based, pumice-free, and eco- certified soaps to suit your team's needs.

  • What are Hand Wipes For?

    When quick removal of grease and dirt is needed, our industrial-strength hand wipes efficiently clean hands and tools, while State's sanitizing wipes offer one-step cleaning and 99.99% bacterial elimination, leaving hands soft and residue-free.

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Hand Soap Dispenser
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Industrial Hand Soap Dispenser
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Please review the Safety Data Sheets for all product direction and regulatory information.


Gentle Fresh

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Ecolution® Industrial Hand Cleaner

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To find out why a Total Care Solution is a perfect option for you!


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