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Ensure efficiency and safety for your facility's cooling, steam, and closed loop systems with State’s Water Treatment programs.

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State-of-the Art Water Treatment

State takes pride in offering advanced solutions to optimize your facility's vital systems. From Legionella risk management that prioritizes health to state-of-the-art treatments for cooling systems, steam boilers, and closed loops, our integrated approach ensures peak performance and longevity. Explore how our cutting-edge programs, backed by expert service and industry compliance, can elevate your operations to new heights of excellence.

Collaborate with our specialists to uncover the precise requirements that will enable your facility to operate at its utmost efficiency.

For Your Information

  • Legionella Risk Management Program

    While many facilities have freshwater access, not all have plans for waterborne outbreaks. Our effective water management includes Legionella protection. State offers a comprehensive Legionella Risk Management Program, covering water, HVAC, cooling towers, and more. Comply with CDC and ASHRAE guidelines via testing by your local State Account Manager. Keep your facility safe from Legionnaires’ disease.

  • Steam Boiler Program

    Your steam boiler is critical to your operation, when the steam is used for heat or process. State’s steam boiler program applies advanced formulas and reliable service to prevent scale and corrosion. Be assured and know that your steam generator is operating proficiently and reliably. With a State program in place, you know that your investment in steam generating equipment is protected. Turn to State for advanced products, reliable controllers and dispensers and consistent service.

  • Properly Treated Closed Loops

    Your closed water loops often seem out of sight and out of mind, but without them heat transfer will not happen. And often the value of the loop as an asset is equal or even more than the heating or cooling system linked to it. Your goal is to protect that piping from corrosion and decay, maximizing longevity and ensuring dependability and productivity. State’s advanced closed loop treatment program gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your closed loops are properly treated and protected, whether the loop contains 1,000 gallons or 1,000,000 gallons.

Explore Dispensers and Chemicals

alt textStaWatch Cooling Tower Monitor
Remote Monitoring and Control of Cooling Tower
alt textSuperHot™ Boiler Treatment
Formulated Boiler Water Treatment
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Chlorine/Bromine Algaecide Tablets

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Please review the Safety Data Sheets for all product direction and regulatory information.



All-in-One Boiler Water Treatment

F-625™ Closed Loop

Nitrate/Borate Closed Loop Treatment

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To find out why a Total Care Solution is a perfect option for you!


Customer Testimonials

Expert Guidance, "Colasanti Farms has been working with State for over a decade now. They have been assisting us with boiler and sewage line treatments. Between their chemicals and the expertise guidance from our account manager, we have had a successful outcome."
Anton Dijkhuizen | Maintenance Supervisor

Quality in Products, "We have been using State for our cooling tower and switched our cleaning chemicals to the One Solution dispenser. We are very pleased with the ease of use, the product quality and the savings."
Evaline Vigiletti | Operations Director