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Elevating Hygiene Standards: Innovative Solutions for Uncompromising Cleanliness and Compliance

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Elevate Your Standards with Innovative Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

At our core lies a commitment to state-of-the-art products and innovative systems, meticulously crafted to deliver nothing short of exceptional cleaning performance. Our pride stems from presenting solutions that go beyond the ordinary, placing a distinct emphasis on surpassing expectations in terms of cleanliness and compliance within food preparation spaces.

Driven by cutting-edge technology and an astute comprehension of industry requisites, we offer products that not only enhance hygiene but also seamlessly align with stringent health department regulations. Encompassing our offerings is the assurance of not just a pristine environment, but a consistent upholding of the highest hygiene standards, cultivating a secure and quality-centric ambiance for all your operations.

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  • Kitchen Maintenance

    Inadequate kitchen sanitation stands as a pervasive health code violation, putting both employees and customers at risk and potentially tarnishing your business' image. To combat this, maintaining an elevated standard of cleanliness is non-negotiable. State presents solutions that guarantee a pristine and hygienic restaurant environment, enabling you to channel your efforts into delivering exceptional customer service. Our specialized formulas are designed for oven cleaning, EPA-registered sanitization of food preparation zones, and the use of food-safe lubricants.

    Furthermore, our closed-loop dilution equipment streamlines utensil and dishware cleaning through the utilization of frothy detergents and cost-efficient no-rinse sanitizers. Put your trust in State to mitigate the possibility of unsuccessful health inspections through unparalleled service, comprehensive training, and outstanding outcomes.

  • Specialized Floor Solutions

    Discover the nuances of managing commercial kitchen floors – a realm laden with distinct challenges, from the accumulation of food residues to the perilous hazards of slipping. Upholding safety necessitates precise cleaning techniques.

    Typically composed of quarry tile, these floors have a porous composition that readily entraps grease, thereby demanding the prowess of specialized commercial-grade floor cleaners. Walk-in refrigerator and freezer floors introduce a new set of complexities, requiring solutions that effectively cleanse without engendering treacherous icy surfaces. Rely on us to fortify staff safety through adeptly addressing these concerns. Elevate your establishment's safety standards with our expertise as your guiding light.

  • Surface Cleaning and Sanitization

    Experience top-tier restaurant hygiene with a comprehensive approach encompassing clear protocols, employee education, and powerful cleaning agents. Crucial tasks like upholding sanitized prep-counters and combatting grease accumulation are paramount. Ignoring these responsibilities creates an environment ripe for bacteria and mold growth.

    Elevate your establishment's cleanliness with State's specialized kitchen cleaning products, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous health department regulations and optimizing operational efficiency. Discover a streamlined path to impeccable standards, setting the stage for success in the culinary landscape.

  • Drain Maintenance

    Clogged drains and unpleasant grease traps can spell trouble for businesses, leading to revenue loss, unhygienic conditions, and off-putting odors. At State, we have your solution. Our automated drain care system is designed to work 24/7, addressing these issues while you focus on other essential aspects of your facility. This all-inclusive program not only offers reliable equipment and high-performance products but also provides dedicated assistance from your local Account Manager.

    Experience worry-free operation through our Circle of Service™, and let us be your partner in maintaining a clean and efficient environment for your business. Say goodbye to drain concerns and hello to smoother operations with State's cutting-edge solutions.

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Please review the Safety Data Sheets for all product direction and regulatory information.


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To find out why a Total Care Solution is a perfect option for you!


Customer Testimonials

Dilution System, "The One Solution system is an innovative one-stop-shop for our housekeeping cleaning products. Its ability to adjust and regulate the dilution process makes for a safe, efficient and economical method when filling bottles and mop buckets. It eliminates all guesswork when mixing State products with water."
Jay Verneris | Maintenance Director

Great Business, "We decided to do business with State because of the added benefits that came with doing business with them. Their products work great and they are very cost effective as well."
Property Manager