Restroom Care
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Restroom Care

Restroom care isn’t glamorous, typically doesn’t smell great and requires a lot of hard work. But what if that could change? 

State’s extensive and unique line of restroom care products – from cleaners to air care and everything in between – are bound to suit your needs and make caring for your restrooms less of a hassle. 

Keep It Clean

First impressions are everything. The best way to ruin it is by having an unsightly restroom. 

Oftentimes, the sight of a streaked, stained toilet or urinal is enough to keep a visitor from returning. To keep toilets and urinals looking presentable, they need to be cleaned regularly. State offers multiple products to make this chore easier. DBC-34™, a concentrated disinfectant and bathroom cleaner, removes hard water deposits and lime scale buildup while disinfecting a wide range of common disease-causing organisms. A similar, more eco-friendly option is Ecolution® Pro Bath and Bowl Cleaner. This green certified cleaner is proven to cut through tough stains with minimal scrubbing. The super-concentrated formulas of both Ecolution Pro Bath and Bowl Cleaner and DBC-34 are economical choices when paired with State’s One Solution™ dilution system. 

Toilets and urinals aside, there’s nothing worse than walking into a restroom and having your shoes stick to a dirty floor. This is why cleaning the floors of your restroom is just as important as the toilets and urinals themselves. Restroom floors can be especially unsanitary, so it’s best to use a bacteria-based cleaner, such as D-Stroy®. D-Story is a bacteria-based cleaner specially formulated to break down organic material. Not only will it clean and deodorize your facilities, the bacteria will eat the organic matter left on the floor surrounding your commodes and urinals to help keep your restrooms cleaner, longer. 

But what about the grout? If you have a tiled floor, you know how dirty grout becomes, and just how cumbersome it is to scrub and clean. The foaming, acid-based formula of Snapout™ blasts away soap scum and soils left in grout, making it your go-to for tough stain removal. In addition to grout, Snapout is safe on plastic, fiberglass and chrome. 

Keep It Fresh

It goes without saying that stinky restrooms have a negative impact on your brand. The market is full of fragrance products that simply mask malodors, but State’s products are different. Our patented SE-500® technology neutralizes odors at the molecular level to completely eliminate unwanted smells. 

Oftentimes, restrooms are fragranced only when a cleaning crew cycles through. This leaves restrooms smelling fresh for a short period of time, but are then left vulnerable to malodors until the next cleaning. State’s Fragrance Factory™ and Fragrance Burst™ eliminate this issue. The Fragrance Burst’s timed aerosol system releases spritzes of freshness throughout the day, while the Fragrance Factory utilizes gel paks and a whisper-quiet fan to disperse fragrance. With either of these systems, your restroom will smell as fresh on day 30 as it did on day one.

What do you do when your restroom is part of a larger space, such as a locker room? We understand that it’s not always feasible or attractive to have numerous scenting programs visible in one area. The Fragrance Cube™ is an excellent option for these situations. The cold-air diffuser turns scented formulas into a dry vapor to continuously fragrance spaces from 10,000 to 150,000 ft3. As the vapor naturally blooms, your space receives regular deodorization with just one system.

Keep It Free-Flowing

Clogs and blockages occur in both sinks and other drain lines, especially when visitors are careless about what they flush or if regular maintenance doesn’t occur. 

Slow toilet drains, for example, occur when inorganic objects, such as feminine hygiene products, gum and toilet seat covers are flushed. State’s Drain Rocket™ is an acid-free drain opener that cuts through standing water, grease, hair and paper products. For more severe blockages, consider Clear-Out™. This fast-acting, lemon-scented granular drain opener heats to 212°F to cut through organic blockages with ease. You can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with overflowing toilets after applying either of these great drain care solutions.

When it comes to urinals, foreign objects like gum, cigarette butts and tobacco can easily find their way into your drain system. State’s Ultra-Low Splash Magic Mat™ is a fragranced urinal screen that not only protects drain lines, but prevents troublesome splash-back and deodorizes your restroom for up to 30 days. 

Contrary to popular belief, an object doesn’t have to be lodged in your drain for you to experience slow drainage. The calcified biologicals often found in urine create a crystal-like substance that leads to slow or completely blocked drain lines. If left untreated, these lines will eventually need replaced, costing you a pretty penny. State A-Salt™ is specially formulated to target and eliminate this type of buildup, ultimately saving you from these costly repairs. Simply pour A-Salt in the urinal, let it sit overnight and flush the following day. 

In addition to air, drain and floor care, State offers an extensive line of disinfectants, hand soaps and sanitizers that can benefit the health of your restrooms and occupants alike.

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