How To Choose a Drain Cleaning Company

How To Choose a Drain Cleaning Company
Monday, February 5, 2024
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How To Choose a Drain Cleaning Company

If your drain smells, you have drain flies, or have had a nasty overflow, then you know you need your drains cleaned. One option for keeping your drains clean is to hire a chemical drain maintenance company. A chemical drain cleaning company provides chemicals to keep drains clear of clogs. These chemicals break down the fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) that cause clogs.

While it may be easy to know you need your drains cleaned, finding a company to provide this service can be difficult. It can be challenging to understand why to hire one company over another.

At State Chemical, we provide chemical drain maintenance across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Through our experience selling drain cleaners, we have learned what clients look for in choosing a drain maintenance company.

Our clients choose between chemical drain cleaning companies based on four factors:

  1. Whether the company provides service along with their chemical products
  2. Whether the company offers a variety of drain-cleaning chemicals
  3. Whether the company is within their budget
  4. Whether the company offers other services beyond drain maintenance


Factor One: Whether the Chemical Drain Cleaning Company Provides Service

The number one factor our clients use to decide what chemical drain cleaning company to choose is whether the company provides service. Some chemical companies will ship the drain pump and chemicals to you, but require you to maintain the equipment. If you choose a company that does not provide service, you will have to change the bucket of chemicals when it is empty and fix and replace the drain pump when necessary.

Other drain chemical companies provide basic services. A company that only offers essential services will switch out the bucket of chemicals and fix the equipment when necessary, but will not offer any additional consultation. This company will provide basic upkeep, but nothing more.

Some drain cleaning companies, including State Chemical, work on a consultative model, meaning they will provide regular service and training and build a relationship with you. These companies will stop by regularly to switch out the bucket of chemicals and fix and replace the drain pumping equipment as needed.

Additionally, these companies will train you to use any products they sell correctly. Many companies provide ready-to-use chemicals and preventative drain care, and these companies train you on how to use them. Training is crucial because misusing a chemical cleaner can damage your facilities.

Companies working in a consultative model will focus on your problems. Instead of selling you the same products they sell to everyone, they will focus on how to fix the problems unique to your facility.

Pictogram of a drain. The drain is


Factor Two: Whether the Chemical Drain Cleaning Company Offers a Variety of Chemical Solutions

Another factor our clients consider in choosing a chemical drain cleaning is the variety of chemical products they offer. If a company has multiple chemicals to choose from, then you can choose the solution that is best for you. Some factors to consider when selecting a chemical include whether it is environmentally friendly, the active ingredient, and the price point.


Factor Three: Whether the Chemical Drain Cleaning Company Offers Solutions Within Your Budget

Another major concern of our clients is price. Different facilities have very distinct budgets for drain care maintenance. In choosing a drain maintenance provider, keep your price point in mind. Many providers have chemicals at different prices, so the same provider can offer solutions at various prices.

In considering the price, remember to compare the overall cost of the bottle of product and the price per use. A higher price bottle may be cheaper per use because it is a more concentrated product. If a product is concentrated, you have to use less at one time, meaning that the price per use is cheaper than a diluted product.


Factor Four: Whether the Chemical Drain Cleaning Company Offers Other Services 

Finally, typical clients consider whether the chemical drain cleaning company offers other services besides drain maintenance. Some companies are one-stop shops for needs across your facility. These companies provide other services in addition to drain care. For example, some drain maintenance companies also offer air care so that your facility smells nice and general cleaning supplies to keep your facility clean.

Diagram listing the 4 factors to consider when choosing a drain cleaning company. The listed factors are: (1) whether service is provided, (2) whether there are a variety of products to choose from, (3) whether the solution is within your budget, and (4) whether the company offers other services.


Choose the Drain Cleaning Company that is Best For You

Choosing a drain cleaning company can be frustrating as the decision involves various factors: different companies provide various levels of service, offer a variety of chemicals, offer their solutions at different price points, and some provide services beyond drain care.

Once you choose a drain maintenance company, you must next decide how to buy their products. Many companies offer drain maintenance on a transactional basis (meaning you purchase the chemicals as needed) and on a contractual basis (meaning you enter a contract for the company to provide the chemicals on a regular cadence). Now that you know how to choose a drain maintenance company, you will next figure out how to buy.