Benefits of Scented Environments
Monday, August 30, 2021

Benefits of Scented Environments

To combat unpleasant odors, State’s patented order-eliminating technology, SE-500®, an innovative odor suppressant, is used in the Fragrance Cube and Fragrance Central scenting formulas. SE-500 targets and binds to odor molecules, transmuting them to replicate the molecules of our pleasing scents. This eliminates odors completely rather than masking them like other leading scenting systems. In fact, State does not use any masking agents in its products; we believe in eliminating odors, not hiding them.


Our local Account Managers are your partner in eliminating malodors and creating the balance between perception and detection of scent in your building. What makes a fragrance program stand out is its ability to engage the mind and improve a person’s mood and satisfaction. Studies show that those who are exposed to pleasant fragrances are more likely to set higher goals for themselves, resolve conflicts through negotiation and place higher bids due to feeling less risk. On the contrary, being exposed to unpleasant aromas can have an adverse effect on an employee’s performance, the purchasing habits of a patron and decrease the satisfaction of tenants.