Action Wrap® - Case of 4 rolls

Amalgamating Wrap
Item #26015

Action Wrap® - Case of 4 rolls

Amalgamating Wrap
Item #26015

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  • Quickly forms a solid piece of rubber that shrinks into a waterproof seal
  • Perfect repair for leaky pipes or electrical splices
  • Dielectric strength of 36,000v

Product Description

It’s like having a portable fix-it shop in your toolbox! Action Wrap® is a non-adhesive adhesive. It can repair wet, oily, dirty radiator and garden hoses as well as leaky water pipes and electrical splices on the spot. It bonds with itself to seal them until replacements or repairs can be made.

Action Wrap fuses quickly to form a solid piece of rubber that shrinks to a tough, waterproof seal. It is easy to unroll, strong and permanent.

Action Wrap has a dielectric strength of 36,000 volts per millimeter and a water absorption rate of 0.05% (24 hours). It is excellent for high voltage insulating applications for power utilities and maintenance/repair operations.

Action Wrap has a continuous temperature range of -40OF to 212OF (257OF intermittent). It can withstand a wide variety of temperatures, making it versatile enough to be used for many different applications.

Action Wrap can handle many “under pressure” applications - it can withstand up to 350 psi. However, during extended usage periods and stretch, the tensile strength is decreased. When used to wrap hoses, piping, etc., the maximum pressure recommended is 120 psi.

Directions for Use

1. Strip back the interleaving. 2. Stretch tape to reduce its width by about 1/3 and wrap under tension with a 50% overwrap. 3. To finish, hold tape under thumb and snap by stretch. For optimal shelf life, store rolls flat in a cool, dry area.

For jointing (splicing) and repair of a wide range of power and distribution cables up to 36,000 volts. Specifically designed to meet the temperature requirements for the jointing and repair of cross-linked polyethylene cables where overload temperatures of 257OF can be encountered. Can be used for protection against corrosion metal pipe-work and waterproofing of many electrical components.

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