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How Our Wastewater Solution Works

Over 1,500 wastewater customers throughout North America rely on State’s expertise to keep their sewage collection lines, lift stations, sumps and lagoons working efficiently. Over 1,100 of those customers are municipal wastewater facilities focusing on keeping their community members safe from H2S hazards, sewer line back-ups or breaks and eliminating malodors.

State’s industry-leading wastewater programs are backed by our proprietary solutions designed by our in-house Research and Development Team. With extensive research and testing, our high-performance, advanced technology has proven results in FOG and H2S reduction, odor control, lagoon maintenance, and in reducing fines, complaints and operating costs.

For Your Information

  • Available Methods and Technologies Available H2S Gas Reductions

    Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a hazardous gas causing corrosive problems in wastewater systems. It forms in anaerobic settings due to sulfate-reducing bacteria. Our specialized blend of bacteria effectively eliminates H2S.

    We offer practical solutions for H2S issues. Through assessment, OdaLog® Gas Logger testing, and targeted treatment, we reduce H2S complaints, prevent corrosion, and ensure safety. Watch this video on How to Use OdaLog® Gas Logger

    Our solution, Pit Raider™, contains 35+ bacteria strains, including those thriving in anaerobic conditions. These bacteria consume H2S, preventing future problems and lowering treatment costs as they reproduce.

  • Fat, Oil and Grease Remediation

    Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are organic compounds from plants or animals, forming long-chain fatty acids that enter sewer systems. As FOG cools, it accumulates in sewers, lift stations, and grease traps. This leads to flow reduction, backups and false alarms.

    These issues result in costly maintenance. Common fixes include emergency pump-outs and hydro jetting, harming community relations. Our technology combines specialized bacteria and air infusion to mitigate buildup.

    State provides tailored FOG treatments based on flow and location. Our bacteria blend digests and prevents FOG accumulation. Regular treatment minimizes costs, resolves problems, and eliminated complaints. Use our 24/7TM Feed Pump for automated or manual application.

  • Lagoon Treatment

    Wastewater lagoons economically treat wastewater by natural breakdown of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and ammonia, leaving clear water. Accumulated bottom solids and sludge from influent flow can reduce efficiency. Neglect leads to high BOD, TSS, and odors, causing complaints, fines, and emergencies.

    Microbial products are vital to control organic solids. Bacterial blends and enzymes swiftly break down solids. Below 68°F, bacterial activity slows, but Pit Raider™ is less affected. Aqua Jolt BEM™, Bio-Mate™, and Pit Raider™ combined or alone minimize solids, restore clarity and improve intake levels.

  • Odor Control

    The breakdown of organic materials in wastewater generates malodors across the system (from source to plant). State’s patented technology eradicates malodors at a molecular level, whether from hydrogen sulfide or treatment waste.

    Various solutions tackle odor based on the source. State Fresh Zone™ suits above-ground areas where malodors spread, emitting a gentle mist. This advanced system eradicates malodors at a molecular level, curbing community complaints. For lift stations and tanks, State’s floating deodorizers trap odors below the surface.

Explore Chemicals

alt textBlock Worx BCT™
Time Release Bacteria Block
alt textPit Raider™
Hydrogen Sulfide and Sludge Treatment
alt textAqua Jolt BEM™
Bacterial Pond and Lagoon Treatment

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Please review the Safety Data Sheets for all product direction and regulatory information.


Orange Buoy™

Floating Degreaser and Deodorizer

Ecolution® Drain Line Maintainer

Grease Trap and Lift Station Maintainer

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To find out why a Total Care Solution is a perfect option for you!


 Customer Testimonials

Wastewater Odor Issues Eliminated, "Since we started using FreshZoneTM we haven’t had any complaints"
Doug Sweeris | Plant Superintendent , Allegan

Lift Station and Sewer Back Ups Solved, "Lift station maintenance is far more efficient and less aggravating with the State treatment"
Jason Guidry | Senior Plant Operator

Maintenance Time Reduced, "The State solution is like having another employee on my staff”
Kirk Feaster | Township Inspector, West Providence Township