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Providing Top Warewashing Results

Transform your dining experience with State's exceptional equipment, products and services, guaranteed to leave your customers in awe of the sparkling glassware, flawless table settings, and spot-free tableware. Our innovative program go the extra mile to ensure your machines stay clean, maintaining their peak performance and delivering dazzling one-pass wash results that will exceed your expectations. Elevate your establishment with State and let us bring a touch of brilliance to your every dining occasion.

For Your Information

  • Top-End Dishmachines

    Discover the comprehensive range of dishmachine and glass washer solutions from State, expertly designed to manage costs while delivering impeccably clean and sanitized tableware. Our equipment line boasts a diverse selection of EnergyStar® Certified machines, thoughtfully engineered to minimize utility expenses. Our solid and liquid programs perform in heavy soil and water conditions, keeping your machine clean and providing sparkling clean results with just one pass.

    Indulge in the freedom of choice with our extensive array of options, including under-counters, low-temp, high-temp, single racks, double racks, conveyors and even flight machines. At State, we prioritize your convenience, maintaining a ready inventory of machines for swift installation. Count on our dedicated State account managers to assist you in choosing the perfect machine, tailored to your specific capacity needs and kitchen layout. Elevate your tableware presentation, control costs, and experience the brilliance of State's dishmachine and glass washer solutions today!

  • Three-Sink Solutions

    Our three-sink solutions offer top-notch cleaning and sanitization for your pots, pans and utensils. We provide a variety of effective products, including high sudsing premium detergents, low foaming options and advanced no-rinse sanitizers. Choose from solids, liquids, powders or tablets to meet your needs. Our aim is to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and enhance washing efficiency. Your local Account Manager will ensure your facility stays sanitary and operates at its best. Trust us for top-quality hygiene solutions.

  • Sustainable Solutions

    Our Avance™ and Ecolution™ products help you lower your energy bill all while maintaining the same standard needed to keep your equipment in pristine condition. Our Avance™ line also offers many products that can be used in both high and low temperature dish machines, allowing you to choose which is best for your business. Avance™ Lime Eliminator will remove damaging hard water buildup in your dish machine, restoring your machine efficiently and saving you money.

  • Around the Clock Emergency Service

    At State, excellent service is our priority. We provide regular monthly visits and 24/7 emergency support with a rapid 20-minute response time in select areas. We understand that machine breakdowns can disrupt your operations, which is why our call escalation system ensures that unresolved issues are swiftly addressed by management until a definitive solution is reached.

    Our dedicated local technicians will furnish you with detailed service reports, outlining every service conducted at your facility to guarantee the desired results. Count on us for quick replacement parts and repairs. For emergencies, call (866) 727-5477. We take pride in delivering top-notch customer service.

Explore Dispensers and Chemicals

alt textOne Solution™
Versatile Dilution System
alt textAvance™ Spotless All Temp Rinse
Premium Rinse Additive
alt textAvance™ Machine Detergent
Machine Dishwashing Detergent

Explore Fragrances

Please review the Safety Data Sheets for all product direction and regulatory information.


Avance™ Rinse Additive

Rinse Injection Fluid

Ecolution® Metal Safe Solid Detergent

Environmentally Preferred Metal Safe Detergent

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To find out why a Total Care Solution is a perfect option for you!


Customer Testimonials

Great Service, "Our local State account manager is always available to answer questions to provide support when contacted, whether it requires a visit, bringing in other State experts or providing suggestions to assist in solving an issue."
Emilio Massanisso | Senior Maintenance Supervisor

Great Products, "State has provided our Restauant Group outstanding service and products since we have been established."
John Ruetz