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How Odor Control Works

Our comprehensive solutions eliminate odors of any kind, creating a memorable and inviting environment that keeps visitors coming back. At the heart of our approach is the recognition that scent is a powerful memory cue. With State, you can trust that the scent of your building will be a positive association for your customers.

Our industrial odor control products, such as Fresh Zone or Ecolution Odor Remover, are tailored to your specific needs. Our patented scent formula includes cutting-edge odor-eliminating technology, ensuring maximum efficacy. Depending on your unique situation, your State representative will recommend the use of a dilution system or mechanical fogger to evenly distribute our industrial odor control products for optimal results.

For Your Information

  • Trash Chutes and Garbage Collection

    Accumulation of trash and debris before pickup leads to many issues, chief of those being bad odors. The stench of garbage lingers not only in the areas that it is collected but also drifts through doors and into hallways, ventilation ducts, lobbies and residential or commercial units. State considers each unique situation and applies a combination of solutions to deodorize thoroughly, reducing the stench on an ongoing basis, ultimately eliminating complaints and poor impressions.

    Our solutions include ready-to-use deodorants and several automated systems, many of which include our patented odor eliminating technology, SE-500®, which acts as a pairing agent to neutralize malodors on a molecular level. All chemicals are designed by our in-house Research and Development Team to specifically target odors created from decomposing organic matter commonly found in dumpster and trash collection areas.

  • Restrooms

    Restrooms, locker rooms, and showers have several sources of malodors from natural body waste to mildew musk and dry drain issues. State has several programs to keep your wash room smelling as fresh as the moment it was last cleaned. Our trained professionals start by examining your most troublesome restroom and determining the chief source of the malodors, then offering one or more solutions based on the size of the restroom, the source of the odor, and of course our customers’ preferences.

    Many programs include a multi-faceted approach combining automated fragrance systems for around-the-clock deodorization and ready-to-use products to treat specific issues.
  • Smoke

    State has been battling the sour stench of smoke for decades and our experience has helped us become leaders in smoke elimination technology. Our original “Smoke Eliminator 500” (SE-500) additive was our secret ingredient in combatting stale cigarette and cigar smells in hotels and casinos. Knowing how well it worked, we added it to several of our products. In fact, depending on the application, we utilize various SE-500 additives for different deodorization solutions.

    This technology is used in several applications including portable foggers that can turn any hotel room or residential unit within minutes, to cold-air diffusion systems that can deodorize large spaces up to 750,000 cubic feet and ready-to-use spot applicator products that can be used at-will or when needed. Our products are effective against traditional cigarette and cigar smoke as well as today’s more prevalent marijuana smell.

  • Food and Dining

    Kitchens, cafeterias, banquet halls, restaurants and catering can create some of the most wonderful, delicious dishes, but when the meal is over the food odors linger in an unappetizing way. This can become an even bigger headache when there are multiple events or services in that same space. Remove these odors quickly and effectively with any of State’s powerful, ready-to-use products.

    Our cold-air diffusion technology systems have customizable timing with the ability to deodorize before and after your dining experience, but not during. State’s clinging gel deodorants can be applied easily and quickly to any to any trash can or waste receptacle liner completely deodorizing until thrown away.

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Customer Testimonials

Fresh Smell, "I work in a smoke-friendly building and have recently tried the Fragrance Cube. We were surprised how the smell in the air changed in a short amount of time. When you walk into the building you instantly smell a very pleasant and clean fragrance. I would highly reccomend this product."
Darlene Polchie

Older Buildings, "Our Town Center is an older building and gets a little musty. The Fragrance Cube freshens the space and filters all the way through our two-story atrium."
Purchasing Manager