Concrete Patch™ - 50 LB Keg

Quick-Setting, All-Weather Concrete
Item #109265

Concrete Patch™ - 50 LB Keg

Quick-Setting, All-Weather Concrete
Item #109265

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  • Will setup in any weather
  • Quickly sets in 15 minutes
  • Contracts 75% less

Product Description

Use Concrete Patch™ for all-weather chuckhole repair, bridges, casements, driveways, floors, stairs and ramps, freezer rooms, industrial floor repairs, level floors and worn stair treads, road maintenance, sidewalks and truck docks.

Concrete Patch™ sets up in 15 minutes and the area can be opened to
traffic in just 1 hour. No need for the 24-hour inconvenience found with ordinary concrete.

No need to wait for a dry, sunny day. Concrete Patch will set up in any
weather including damp or humid conditions, or even below freezing.
Allows you to solve your problems immediately.

Designed to resist cracks and withstand vibrations. Contains “Mag-Phos”which produces concrete that is tougher and longer lasting than ordinary concrete. Contracts 75% less than ordinary concrete so it is less affected by the sun’s drying rays. Reduces the likelihood of making future repairs because it provides permanent water-proof patches.

Directions for Use

Start with a firm base. For minor cracks, chip out enough area to give a minimum of 1/2” thickness. Any oil soaked concrete must be removed. Always dampen surfaces with water before application. Remove all standing water. Bonding surface must be free of any coatings, points, seamless, or cursing compounds.

Mix only what you can use in 10 minutes. Use a clean mortar box and hoe or mortar type (paddle) mixer for larger jobs; for smaller jobs use a bucket and a trowel. Mix 15 parts Concrete Patch™ to 1 part water. Add additional water to bring to desired consistency. Excess water reduces strength. Use 3.5 pints water with 50 pounds of Concrete Patch. Always add Concrete Patch to the water, and mix thoroughly for 3 minutes. Apply immediately. The setting speed is dependent upon the temperature of the mix. For quick setting use hot water.

Scoop mixture into repair area and trowel quickly. Work material well into base to assure a good bond. Do not overwork or overtrowel. Concrete Patch has self-leveling properties. Do not attempt to re-dampen. Not designed to be feather-edged.

A clean, uniform 3/8” aggregate may be added at the rate of 25 pounds per 50 pound container. To use: 1) Add water. 2) Add aggregate. 3) Add powder. When using a sharp granular aggregate reduce the amount added to obtain proper workability.

Product Downloads & SDS

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