Concrete Companion® - Case of 12 Quarts

Acrylic Concrete Crack and Hole Filler
Item #25310

Concrete Companion® - Case of 12 Quarts

Acrylic Concrete Crack and Hole Filler
Item #25310

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  • Self-leveling and flexible year round, providing lasting protection
  • Aggressive bond resists moisture, prevents long-term damage
  • Withstand temperatures down to -10°F (-23°C) and up to 140°F (60°C)

Product Description

Use Concrete Companion® to easily fill cracks and holes throughout any cement area. Concrete Companion produces a flush, even fill when fully cured, leaving a professional-looking finish every time. There are no special tools or extra steps needed, saving both time and money.

Concrete Companion remains flexible year round, providing lasting protection during winter’s freezing conditions and summer’s searing heat. Concrete Companion’s flexibility allows it to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, unlike traditional fixes, which crack and crumble. Once cured, Concrete Companion can withstand temperatures down to -10°F and up to 140°F.

Concrete Companion’s color blends with concrete surfaces, eliminating the need for painting or mixing color compounds together. Unsightly and dangerous cracks will virtually disappear with the application of Concrete Companion.

Concrete Companion forms an aggressive bond to the sidewalls of cracks. This bond resists moisture and helps prevent long-term damage, such as crumbling associated with moisture and heat/freeze cycles.

Concrete Companion comes in quart containers with a convenient pour spout cap. No mixing or heating is required. Maintenance repairs can be made on the spot.

Directions for Use

1. For best results, applyConcrete Companion® when rain and temperatures below 50°F or above 90°F are not expected for 24 hours. 2. Clean crack thoroughly, using a stiff brush, broom or pressure
washer. 3. Make sure all loose material, vegetation and standing water are removed. 4. Shake container well. 5. Cut cap to desired size and apply Concrete Companion into cracks up to 1” wide and
1/2” deep. 6. For deep cracks, fill the crack with sand to a depth of 1/2” below pavement surface. 7. Fill crack to pavement level with Concrete Companion; do not overfill. 8. Concrete Companion will set
up in about 12 hours. It takes approximately 24-48 hours to cure completely. Cure time is dependent on depth of crack and humidity conditions. 9. Clean application tools and uncured Concrete Companion with water. Concrete Companion can be removed with State PGR or a latex paint remover. 10. One U.S. quart (946 mL) will fill approximately 75 linear feet of crack with depth of 1/4”” and width of 1/4””.

NOTE: Do not apply Concrete Companion to cracks that are under prolonged water submersion such as pools. Once cured, Concrete Companion is suitable for exposure to rain or short periods (1-2 days)
of water submersion.

Product Downloads & SDS

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