BC-1™ - 5 GL pail

Brake Parts Cleaner
Item #106436

BC-1™ - 5 GL pail

Brake Parts Cleaner
Item #106436

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  • Heavy-duty formula dissolves grease, oil, brake fluid, dirt and grime
  • Does not harm metal, lining or pads
  • Fast-drying formula that leaves no residue

Product Description

BC-1™ Brake Wash is a highly-concentrated solvent blend that provides maximum performance without the use of ozone depleters or chlorinated solvents.

When used with State’s pressurized sprayers, the powerful blasting spray easily removes brake fluid, grease, oily dirt, and contaminants from linings, pads, rotors and drums, cylinders, and springs without disassembling the unit. The fast-evaporating formula won’t leave residues or interfere with brake operations. It stops disc brake squeaks in their tracks.

Brake linings
Wheel cylinders
Brake disc pads
Rotors master cylinders
Brake drums
Return springs
Other brake parts
Backing plate adjusters

Directions for Use

Can should be at room temperature (70°F) before using. Be sure arrow on spray head is pointed toward area to be sprayed. Spray BC-1™ generously on all brake parts. Use enough to allow the pressure and solvent action to work on contaminants. Air dry or wipe dry with soft cloth. Repeat application if necessary to remove extremely heavy deposits.

BULK : For use in a sprayer: Spray parts liberally and allow to run off. Air or towel dry with a clean, soft wiper. Repeat as necessary. Protect rubber and plastic parts from spray. Important: Do not spray on hot or warm surfaces.

IMMERSION TANKS: Fill tank to appropriate level. Remove excess dirt and debris from part with a brush. Immerse part in tank and allow spray to wash over vigorously. Remove part and allow to air dry or blow dry with compressed air. Change solvent out when fill level is low.

Product Downloads & SDS

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