Spot Application Scenting
Thursday, September 26, 2019

Spot Application Scenting

The average human inhales approximately 15,000 to 20,000 times a day. The scents that we encounter throughout the day affect our health, memory, emotions and behaviors. Scent can even affect the success of a business, so it’s important that you consider all aspects of your facility when selecting an air care solution. For quick fixes, refreshers and general odor eliminating concerns, State’s line of spot applications will provide ideal results when revitalizing your space. From strong fragrance concentrates that combat challenging odors, to our fragrance-free and Scent-Sensitive Solutions™, we have a spot application that will eliminate odors quickly and restore harmony to your space.

It is not uncommon for malodors to linger in the hallways, restrooms, lobbies and common areas of a facility.
Building-wide odor control is made easy with State’s line of ready-to-use air care solutionsOur patented odor neutralizer, SE-500®, is used in several of our ready-to-use spot application products and doesn’t mask the odors, it eliminates the odors at the molecular level. For added protection, all of State’s fragrances are compliant with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and our Abscent™, Citrus Green Tea, Water Lily and Coastal Dreams™ fragrances contain no-known allergens according to the EU Cosmetic Regulation 1233/2009.  Our spot treatments and ambient scenting systems provide comprehensive odor control and scenting throughout your space 


Ultra-Low Splash Magic Mat™ - The super-concentrated fragrance of this state-of-the-art urinal screen provides 30 full days of deodorization. The State® Magic Mat protects your urinal drain lines from foreign objects like gum, cigarette butts, etc. and can even be used to deodorize trash cans, floor drains and much more. 

State® Gel Genie™ - Releasing a potent yet pleasant fragrance, this clinging gel deodorant is easy and perfect for use in trash cans, public restrooms, laundry bins and anywhere odors persist. 

Magic Clips™ - Discretely refresh any space with these fragranced clips that can be easily secured onto toilet bowls, stall dividers, office cubicles and desks. 


Trade Winds® - Equipped with State’s patented odor neutralizer, SE-500, this aerosol spray eliminates malodors at the molecular level by producing a fine, dry mist with fabric penetrating capabilities. Trade Winds can be used in a variety of spaces, such as hotel rooms, bathrooms, lobby entryways and smoking areas. More importantly, you can safely spray Trade Winds onto most soft surfaces, such as carpets, couches, curtains and other fabrics. 

Air Savors™ and Air Savors™ Eco – Air Savors’ concentrated, powerful formula refreshes areas with just one spray. The economical, low-fragrance formula of Air Savors Eco is safe for use in almost any area that frequently receives odor complaints. This non-aerosol air freshener contains zero propellants, making it safe for you and the environment. Both are perfect for spot use in washrooms, dining areas, car interiors, lobbies, apartment and hotel rooms, office spaces, kitchens and more. 

Odor Beaders™ - These powerful, aromatic beads are packaged in air-flow mesh bags to allow for safe use in air ventilation systems. Odor Beaders can be placed virtually anywhere, including vacuum cleaners, automobiles, hampers and office plants. Not only do Odor Beaders have such versatile uses, but they are also safe for the environment by being completely recyclable and containing no harmful chemicals


Air Rinse™ - This fragrance-free odor neutralizer contains the strongest and most effective odor-eliminating technology available. The nontoxic, VOC-compliant formula has no residual fragrance or chemical scent, making it ideal for use in shared spaced. Spray directly onto fabric, into the air or onto the odor source to immediately rinse away stubborn odors.


If you would like a quote on one of State’s air care products, call 866-727-5477 to be put in touch with your local representative.