Solved H2S Issues Means Happy Neighbors
Sunday, September 8, 2019
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Solved H2S Issues Means Happy Neighbors

The Situation:
A mid-Atlantic water authority oversees the drinking water, and over 6,000 fire hydrants throughout the city, as well as the surrounding counties. Of all the concerns the water authority faces, odors reaching the neighboring shopping complex is its top priority.

The Problem:
High levels of H2S can cause unpleasant odors and costly infrastructure damage. The water authority was having issues with hydrogen sulfide odors reaching the local shopping complex about two miles downstream from a lift station. The water authority implemented a number of changes to diminish these odors with little success.

The Solution:
State Chemical supplied the water authority with Pit Raider™, as it prevents H2S in the anoxic zones as well as the anaerobic regions of the collection system where calcium nitrate is not effective.

The Result:

After a 30-day seeding period that allowed Pit Raider’s bacteria to establish sufficient colonies to control H2S, the calcium nitrate feed rate was reduced significantly. The result produced a savings of $75,860.00 per year, including the maintenance dosage of State Chemical Pit Raider. 

The Benefit:
The water authority was able to reduce both odors and H2S levels throughout the year following the initial evaluation. The water authority also saw a significant decrease in complaints from neighboring businesses.