Preparing for a Health Inspection
Sunday, September 29, 2019

Preparing for a Health Inspection

One of the most stressful times for a restaurant manager is the anticipation of a health inspection. If a health code violation is issued, it can damage the restaurant’s reputation or, in more severe cases, cause the facility to shut down. Common violations transpire from poorly trained staff neglecting cleaning and sanitization guidelines. With the astronomically high turnover rate of restaurant employees, staff training on chemical usage and temperature guidelines is essential.  

When handling harmful chemicals, personal protective equipment (PPE) is imperative to ensure the safety of employees and guests. This includes safety glasses and chemical-resistant gloves. As many chemicals are more hazardous when not diluted properly, products should always be used in accordance to the product label. Some chemicals even contain ingredients that can be reactive if mixed with other chemicals. For example, acids and caustics do not mix well and can be dangerous if combined. For this reason, chemicals should always be stored away from food and only used once food is put away. 

It goes without saying that employees must wash their hands after each encounter with food or chemicals. Contaminates transferred through food handling can easily be prevented with proper sanitation. Restaurant managers should have back-of-the-house operating guidelines that details the frequency in which kitchen staff clean their hands and change gloves while working. These guidelines should also cover cleaning procedures for kitchen equipment to prevent cross-contamination and safety violations. 

During each shift, a designated employee should routinely check the sanitizer buckets used to wipe down the front-of-the-house tables and counters. The dish washer running the warewashing machine should make sure chemical is dispensing product correctly, reaching the adequate wash temperatures and providing the desired results to avoid sanitation problems.

State provides on-site employee training for our customers focusing on equipment operation, product application and standard procedures, such as those described in instructional wall charts and signage. State also has an online customer training portal for customers to use to train their staff. The personalized training provided by State equips your staff with the tools needed to easily pass a health inspection. 


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