Fragrance Factory® - Dispenser - Dispenser

Odor Elimination and Ambient Scenting System
Item #117795

Fragrance Factory® - Dispenser - Dispenser

Odor Elimination and Ambient Scenting System
Item #117795

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  • Customizable programming options to fit environmental needs
  • Durable, high-impact plastic cabinet with whisper-quiet fan ensures longevity of unit
  • Utilizes water-based scented gel refill pak with SE-500® odor-neutralizing technology
  • Eliminates malodors including smoke, garbage, restroom odors and more

Product Description

  • State Fragrance Factory® is the original, and still the best, air freshing system for eliminating odors and adding light, attractive fragrance to any occupied space.

    Made of durable, high impact plastic, it is designed to hold up in even the most rugged environments. It is easy to install, battery powered and offers versatile control features to conserve both power and product usage. The Fragrance Factory attractively fits any décor and operates silently for an invisible, effective odor control program.

  • Vent, located on the front of the unit, releases fragrance into the room
  • Rugged cabinet, molded of high-impact, plastic is cleanable and durable
  • Easily programable
  • Light sensor option activates motor when room lights are on
  • Whisper quiet motor/fan unit

    Unlike many spray products that simply mask foul odors, each Fragrance Pak scent contains State’s SE-500® odor-neutralizing additive to target and eliminate foul odors. SE-500 neutralizes foul odors at the molecular level. Fragrance Paks are strong enough to neutralize malodors but gentle enough not to overwhelm delicate noses.

    Fragrance Paks can be used in many different environments: restrooms, offices and conference rooms, lobbies, hallways, common areas, kitchens, hotel rooms, industrial and maintenance areas and disposal areas.

    The mounting surface should be clean and free of obtrusive irregularities. Clean surface with enclosed alcohol swab and allow to dry thoroughly. Remove film from adhesive backing. Firmly press the back plate of the unit onto mounting surface in either the vertical or horizontal position. Hold for 30 seconds or more to ensure good adhesion. For better stability of the Fragrance Factory, a mounting screw can be used. Please review label and SDS for all product directions, precautions and first aid information.

Directions for Use

The Fragrance Factory® can be easily mounted to any non-flexible, clean, dry surface. 1. Clean surface with alcohol swab and allow to dry. 2. Peel protective paper off the mounting tape. 3. OPEN CABINET. 4. Press BACKPLATE ONLY of open cabinet firmly against the wall for 30 seconds using fingers. Screw mounting is recommended to ensure a proper installation. Be sure to position the unit over a wall stud or use drywall anchors.

The Fragrance Factory is a programmable unit designed to meet various odor control demands. For best results the Factory can be set for 24-hour continuous operation.

1. Cover opens from clipped bottom if vertically mounted or from left side if horizonally mounted. Cover will catch and remain open during loading. 2. Insert Fragrance Paks between brackets on dispenser wall plate so that they hang securely. For best results use two Fragrance Paks. (Completely remove the foil covering on the paks.) For light odors or small areas one fragrance pak can be used.
3. Snap battery into battery clips at bottom of wall plate. Battery will immediately activate programming and red pilot light. When red pilot light turns off, this indicates its time to replace the Fragrance Pak and battery. Note: Fan may not start immediately if set in a delay mode.

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