3 Steps for an Effective Spring Cleaning of your Facility
Monday, March 29, 2021

3 Steps for an Effective Spring Cleaning of your Facility

It’s that time of year again. The grass is becoming greener, the flowers are starting to bloom and everyone is getting the itch to do a deep clean of their facility to prepare for the warmer months. Doing a deep clean on your facility is easier said than done. Knowing what supplies you need and how to effectively use them will help you not only with your spring cleaning, but with maintaining a cleaning plan for years to come. Here are some steps to help you get started:  


Building an effective spring cleaning plan starts with knowing the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Each are distinctly different and are necessary throughout every facility.  

Next, build a checklist of locations you wish to clean and the supplies you need to treat those areas. This will include chemical products, as well as cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment, such as gloves, safety goggles as dictated by the safety data sheets. Write it down to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Every facility is different, but here are some places you can start:  

Suggested supplies 

  • Spray bottles and a dilution system 

  • Sponges, rags and bucket 

  • A mop, a broom and a vacuum  

  • Latex gloves and other PPE 

  • Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops and toilets 

  • Take out the trash and disinfect trash cans 

  • Restock toilet paper and paper towels 

  • Vacuum, sweep or mop as needed 

  • Refill soap containers 

  • Maintain drains to prevent future clogs 

  • Wipe down walls and light switches 


  • Deep clean appliances like ovens and stoves 

  • Clean and sanitize food contact surfaces 

  • Clean and disinfect countertops, walls and light switches 

  • Vacuum, sweep or mop as needed 

  • Wash towels, aprons and uniforms 

  • Clear out grease traps 


  • Deep clean carpets 

  • Vacuum, sweep or mop as needed 

  • Clean and disinfect doorknobs 

  • Clean and disinfect countertops, walls and light switches 

  • Dust off décor and light fixtures 

Common Spaces 

  • Wipe down high-touch surfaces 

  • Sanitize upholstery 

  • Clean out drawers and closets that collect clutter 

  • Vacuum, sweep or mop as needed 

  • Wipe down walls and light switches 


  • Mow the lawn and trim bushes 

  • Plant new trees, shrubs or flowers 


There is no reason to have a plan if you cannot execute it. Get everyone on board who will be participating in the project and train them on how to properly use the supplies. Make sure they are aware of how to properly use the chemical products they will be using and have access to any necessary PPE. To make this process easier, State Account Managers can provide complimentary training on how to safely and effectively use our products. 

Go back to your checklist and consider the different surfaces you have throughout your facility and how often they are touched and utilized. Prioritize disinfecting high-touch surfaces and highly trafficked locations. Do not overlook small details like light switches, tables, doorknobs,  countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks.  

Take extra time for problem spots that face the harshness of winter, like floors, windows and landscaping overgrowth. 

Remember that a surface should always be cleaned before it is disinfected to remove dirt, and other impurities on it. Disinfection will help to  reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases across your facility. 

Keeping your team informed of expectations and safety precautions will help your spring cleaning session be productive and effective. 

  1. KEEP IT UP 

Spring cleaning may come around once per year, but the work doesn’t end there. Put your plan in writing and make it a priority to maintain your facility and keep surfaces clean year-round 

Regular cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting should be a priority, but this doesn’t mean your plan has to be set in stone. Revise your plan based upon changes to your facility and workflow. Keep up with day-to-day cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces and remember to give spaces a deep clean when necessary. 

Set a precedent to continuously execute your plan by making sure everyone is on board with what is expected of them and how to safely use materials. Encourage hygienic personal practices, such as frequent hand washing and following COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC like social distancing, wearing masks and staying home when sick. 



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