Company Culture

A Day in the State Industrial Life

At State Industrial Products we have a wide range of positions, responsibilities and experience levels. Our workers are proactive, organized and skilled.It’s difficult to say exactly what a typical day in the life of a State Industrial products employee entails.  With so many different career possibilities the pathways are endless.

When you’re a field sales representative for State no two days are the same and the world is your oyster.  With so much flexibility, one day you could be climbing to the top of a high-rise apartment building to test a cooling tower’s water and the next day you could be meeting with a COO on how to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness while promoting sustainability.

In the office environment, everyone maintains a work hard, play hard mentality.  While it’s not as constantly changing as field work, it still keeps you on your toes; you never know when the next big contract, etc is going to “pop” and you have to be ready to react! 

It’s not all work though, there are often company sponsored cook-outs, participating in the annual Cleveland Corporate Challenge, and of course our Year End Meeting where the office staff and field personnel have the opportunity to cut loose and celebrate the year’s accomplishments.